Virtual Banking in Hong Kong

Information technology has permeated through all areas of our life and influenced with virtualization of bank sphere.

Traditional banks aren’t as mobile as virtual banking which can offer a new kind of a service and satisfy the needs of different clients. The main feature of this banking is working only by Internet.

From the moment of opening the 1st virtual bank in the world “Security First Network Bank” passed 22 year. Only in 2017 year in Hong Kong was announced about intention to begin “A New Era of Smart Banking”. In 2020 year already 8 virtual banks has begun its work: ZA Bank Limited, Airstar Bank Limited, Ant Bank, Livi Bank Limited, Fusion Bank, Mox Bank Limited, Ping An OneConnect Bank, WeLab Bank. Some of these banks still working in a test mode. Za Bank Limited is the first virtual banks in Hong Kong launched an opportunity to issue a debit card for new clients.

Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) expects that virtual banking development will help to promote high technology and innovation not only in this sphere. The focus is on clients who are involved in retail business.

Our company will help to understand the specifics of opening bank account in Hong Kong and China.