Apostle and verification services

Certify True copies

With difference reason such as bank account application, certify true copy of variance company document and owner/directors personal identification document are required.

Sample of certify true copy

Notarization by Hong Kong Notary Public

Instead doing the notarization in consulate, it is common in Hong Kong that all the notarization is done by qualified solicitors and performing her general legal work which is subject to the regulation of The Law Society of Hong Kong.

Key task for notary by us

  • Preparing and witnessing power of attorney for commercial use
  • Other commercial and business documents
  • Shareholder/Director personal identification documents

Sample of notarized document

Apostille by Hong Kong High Court

With different reason such as open a bank account in a foreign country, clients have to provide her business document with apostilled. Apostilled document is the set documents which have been certify true copy with a deposit a red ribbon to attaché all the pages.