Company Secretary


Accordance with S474 of Companies Ordinance, all Hong Kong registered company should have a company secretary who is either;

  1. A natural person, ordinarily reside in Hong Kong; and
  2. If a body of corporate, have its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong.


The main duties of company secretary are communicate with shareholder and regulatory bodies to ensure company is compliance with regulation on the listed section.

Submit annual return to Companies Registry
Maintain organization structure
Change of Shareholder or Director and her status if need.
Prepare agenda for board meeting
Prepare annual general meeting for shareholder
Other company governance matter need to communicate with Companies Registry


In order to satisfy the duties company secretary, it is important for our client assisting the following :

Update contact information when there any changes
Respond email, notification and confirmation to us
Inform us for any changes of company structure
Inform us for any changes of personal matter for director or shareholder (e.g. address, passport info.)