Accounting and Audit services in Hong Kong

Accounting Service

Financial statement is the final products of accounting service which allow various stakeholders to evaluate the performance of the company. Various stakeholders, such as Banker, Management, Shareholders and your business partners, will treat financial statement as one of the keen information for her business decision making.

Accordance with Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong, company is required to keep complete accounting and required to submit to Inland Revenue Department annually. And all record must be retained for seven years from the transaction date and it is an offence not keeping adequate record. A penalty of HKD100,000 will grant to any company who is not doing so.

What is the component of Financial Statement

Profit & Loss statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement

Why doing accounting

  • Accordance with the Inland Revenue ordinance, full business record is required to keep for 7 years. And accounting record is one of the key records asking by the Inland Revenue Department.
  • Provide information to stakeholder to have more understand of your company
    1. Banker
    2. Tax Department
    3. Management/Shareholder
    4. Your business partner such as your supplier.

Audit & Assurance Service

Accordance with Company Ordinance, company must prepare her annual financial statement with applicable accounting standards issued or specified by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“HKICPA”). All our audit service is provided by professional accountants in Hong Kong which allow our clients’ financial statement is satisfying all statutory requirements.