Taxation in China


China is one the biggest economy in the world and attracting global investor move to China market. However, to comply with the requirement of taxation system in China is not an easy job. But this task should be complete to make your business working legally in China. The major type of tax in China which FIE or FE may applicable are:

  • Tax on Income – Corporate Income Tax, Withholding income tax, Individual income Tax
  • Tax on Transaction – VAT, Consumption Tax, Business Tax
  • Tax on Specific Objective – Land Appreciation Tax
  • Tax on Resource – Resource Tax
  • Tax on Property – Real Estate Tax
  • Tax on Behavior – Vehicle and Vessel Tax, Motor Vehicle Acquisition Tax, Stamp Tax
  • Tax Levied by the Custom – Customs Duties
  • Tax Levied by Finance Department – Deed Tax


Consulting on taxation issued
Commuicated with Tax Bureau
Monthly / Quarterly / Annual filing of profit tax
Monthly filing of Individual Income Tax