Conceal business information for trading business

Original fact

Company A is doing trading business with sourcing products from Company C in China and sell to Company E in Europe.
Company A(AGENT IN Europe)
The product is directly shipped from China to Europe. Then the bill of Lading will show up the Company C as shipper, and Consignee as Company E and notify parties as Company A. While the end customer and supplier information is found in the bill of lading and Company A may lost her end customer as Company E can directly communicate with Company C for the business.

Our suggest arrangement

Company A can set up a Company H in Hong Kong. Company H & Company A will be the middle agent to split the up the connection of Company C & Company E and the product will remain direct shipment from China to Europe. The only disadvantage will be more administration work to change the Bill of Lading.
When the products shipped out from China, the Bill of Lading will show up as:

Shipper: Company C

Consignee: Company A

Notify Party: Company H

Then the Bill of Lading will change before the cargo arrived Europe as below:

Shipper: Company H

Consignee: Company E

Notify Party: Company A


Supplier only have the information of Company C and Company E is totally separate and not easy for supplier direct deal with