Bank account opening and maintain bank account service

As a financial center in the world, there is more than 100 license banks operate in Hong Kong. And bank accounts are essential for business and daily operations and Hong Kong has no restriction on funds flowing in and out, deal with most of the currencies and provide tremendous possibilities to work with RMB and for investment in China.

We have built up relationship with various bankers in Hong Kong and Guangzhou and we can assist our partners in opening bank account for different business models and passports holders. Nowadays the requirements of the bankers are very high and it’s hard to not only to open bank account but also to maintain bank account. Our professional team can help to operate bank account smoothly.

Bank account in China is a must for running business in China for any type of business: trade, service or investment. Working with bankers is complicated; require expertise and professional approach to follow all their requirements.

We deal with most of the major bankers, like HSBC, HangSeng, DBS, OCBC, BOC ICBC, ABC and others.

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