Hong Kong and China Visa application

Hong Kong and China Visa application

Non-Hong Kong residents is required a working visa. And application process in Hong Kong is relative straight forward if you have good knowledge of the flow and correct documentation prepared. And our professional team can help our partner doing her visa application smoothly in Hong Kong.

And China also offer Working Visa (Z Visa) to allow foreign obtain her employment in China. Successful holder of Z Visa need to enter China within 90 days after visa granted. Using our service will allow you to get your Z Visa fast and smoothly and allow your employment can be commence on time.

Benefit of have working visa in Hong Kong

  • Not against of HK legislation
  • A temporary HKID is granted
  • Entitle to join Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme
  • Personal bank account opening in Hong Kong.
  • Application to change the nationality to Hong Kong after stay in Hong Kong for 7 years. But client have to proof she have proof most of her time is stay in Hong Kong or she have treated Hong Kong as her living country such as she rent or buy a premise in Hong Kong and move all her family member to Hong Kong.

Procedure of application


Contact us for prelimary advice
Prepare necessary document and submit to Immigration
Wait for further queries from Immigration and application result
Result from immigration on acceptance or reject of applicatio

Documentation required


  1. Valid Passport copy with photo
  2. Recent Photo
  3. Hong Kong Identity Card (If any)
  4. Academic certificate and record or support letter from the degree awarding
  5. Academic qualification and relevant working experience
  6. Proof of applicants overseas residence such as copy of official documents showing the applicants condition of stay and limit of stay endorsed by overseas authroities.

Employing company

  1. Employment Contract
  2. Business Certificate
  3. Proof of financial standing
  4. Document with details of company background
  5. Details business plan

Accompany Dependant

  1. Valid Passport copy with photo
  2. Recent Photo
  3. Evidence to proof the relationship with applicant e.g. family photo, family letter with envelopes, census record book, etc


  • Allow multi entries to China in 3 to 6 months
  • Officially work in China and live for long time
  • Cheaper than apply single entries (travel visa) for every single travel to China
  • Save time for application while once off application via variance application of travel visa