The change of registration number in company documents for HK company


Dear Colleagues,

Starting from 27th Dec 2023, the 2nd phase of the law about Unique Business Identifier (“UBI”) takes force.

The main idea of the changes is that start from 27th Dec 2023 Business Registration Number (“BRN”) (i.e. first 8 digits of the number which can be found in Business Registration Certificate) will become Unique Business Identifier (“UBI”).

This number "UBI" will also be implemented as the number in the 2nd chief company document: Certificate of Incorporation ("CI").

Now let’s see how these changes influence our business practice.

  • BRN will be officially the main number for communication with Inland Revenue Department and Company Registry;
  • No any actions are required for CIs, which already were issued before the designated date. But in the case you will need the updated number for some reason, there’s special form for this;

As usual, clients of Asia Corp Prom has nothing to worry about. We are familiar with all the changes and we will follow up correctly everything.

The official document you can find by clicking this link: Companies Registry External Circular No. 3 / 2023